Community School CES Waiver Program

The Community School’s CES Waiver Program is a Medicaid and state funded program for children and adults diagnosed with a Developmental Disability prior to the age of 21. Waiver’s goal is to provide these individuals with the support they and their families require to live as independently as possible within their home and communities. The Community School of Cleburne County employs approximately 50 direct support professionals who work with over 20 individuals to increase independence, participate in their community, and live more productive and fulfilled lives. These services have allowed over 10 developmentally disabled adults to live more independently in a waiver home setting as well as in their own apartments. The Community School of Cleburne County owns and maintains three waiver homes that can accommodate up to 12 adults in a supportive living environment.

The CES Waiver services the Community School provides make a huge impact on the lives of individuals and their families. Families have the peace of mind of knowing their loved ones have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life of their choice because of the work being done by the Community School of Cleburne County. In many cases the services the Community School provides can help prevent institutionalization of individuals and separation from their families.

Waiver Services provided by the Community School of Cleburne County include supported living, respite care, specialized consultation, community integration, independent living skills training, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment and special medical supplies. Each individual has an individualized plan of care developed by a team of qualified professionals. A licensed Registered Nurse is on staff full time to assist with the care of individuals with special health care needs and medication management.

To receive CES Waiver services through the Community School, an individual must be enrolled in the Arkansas Medicaid CES Waiver Program. The Community School of Cleburne County is licensed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services - Division of Developmental Disabilities Services. For more information, contact the Community School of Cleburne County at

501-362-0943 or 501-362-3397.