Early Intervention day treatment program

The Community School’s developmental preschool program provides specialized developmental instruction to help children learn and grow in a setting that is safe, nurturing, and fun. It is the goal of early intervention services to identify developmental delays as early as possible in order to provide services and support that will help the child catch up developmentally. The Community School’s highly trained staff provides developmental evaluations, service coordination, and a service plan that is individualized for each child and their needs. The majority of children that graduate from the Community School program will not need any Special Education services when they enter public school! The preschool program also provides additional therapy services for children that have more significant delays in fine motor, gross motor, or communication development. The Community School provides Occupational Therapy – which is one-on-one training for eye-hand coordination, pre-writing skills, grasping and sensory integration Physical Therapy, which is one-on-one training to assist with mobility, muscle tone, and balance and Speech Therapy, which is one-on-one training for children who need to increase communication and language skills through speech and understanding.

Infants and children enrolled in the Early Intervention Day Treatment program at the Community School are provided with transportation to and from the center and nutritious snacks and lunches at no charge to the individual or their family. To support the specialized health care needs of many of the students, the Community School also employs a full-time RN and 2 full-time LPNs. The nursing staff monitors health concerns, administer medications, monitor clients with seizure activity, provide nutrition to individuals with feeding tubes, and provide specialized education for individuals and their families, as well as the Community School staff. The Community School of Cleburne County provides Developmental Evaluations to determine if your child has developmental delays and would be eligible for this specialized preschool program. The areas that are assessed include gross motor, fine motor, language/communication, social-emotional, self-help, and cognitive development. The Community School of Cleburne County provides developmental evaluations at no charge to you to determine eligibility, as prescribed by your child's physician.

The Community School is certified by Arkansas DHS/Division of Child Care

and is a Better Beginnings 1 Star Center Provider. For more information contact the Community School of Cleburne County at 501-362-0943.