Project Independence

Project Independence is the Adult Division of the Community School of Cleburne County, Inc. Project Independence provides specialized instruction to developmentally disabled adults which focuses on basic educational skills, work activity, and self-help skills, in order to help individuals become more independent.

The Project Independence Center allows for individualized training in a setting that houses a full training kitchen, laundry room, and the Clint Stoerner Technology Center. The Technology Center is equipped with computers, Ipads, a SmartBoard, and Wii system. Individuals are able to use these resources to work on pre-vocation computer skills, access the internet to do specialized research, and to access programs or apps that assist with self-help skills building. The training kitchen allows individuals to learn basic kitchen and cooking skills including preparing food, following a recipe, measuring skills, using basic kitchen utensils, and proper cleaning and sanitation. The full laundry room provides a setting for individuals to learn the basic steps for doing laundry with assistance or independently.

The Community School also provides work activity opportunities in conjunction with the adult day habilitation program. Work activities focus on teaching pre-vocational and job skills. Some of these work opportunities are contracted from outside local businesses and brought into the facility - such as, laundering towels for a local beauty salon. These work activities not only teach vocational skills but also promote confidence and pride in the adults that participate in them.

All individuals enrolled in the developmental day treatment program at the Community School also are provided with transportation to and from the center and nutritious snacks and lunches at no charge to the individual or their family. To support the specialized health care needs of many of the students, the Community School also employs a full-time RN and 2 full-time LPNs. The nursing staff monitors health concerns, administer medications, monitor clients with seizure activity, provide nutrition to individuals with feeding tubes, and provide specialized education for individuals and their families, as well as the Community School staff. 

In order to be eligible for services at Project Independence, an individual must be 18 years or older and diagnosed with an intellectual disability prior to age 21. Individuals must also possess a high school certificate of completion or diploma. For more information, contact the Community School's Project Independence at 501-362-3397.